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On-Premise Remains Down 6% Thru Feb 23, Sez GuestSciences, Tho Feb Improved Slightly

On premise beer trends remain a very sore spot, down 6.4% thru Feb 23, according to GuestSciences (merger of GuestMetrics and Restaurant Sciences). But 4 weeks thru Feb 23 down “only” 5.6%, an improvement from -7.3% for 4 weeks thru Jan 26. “A very weak start,” said ceo Bill Pecoriello, using the exact same words for spirits biz, down 4.3% for 1st 8 weeks and for total traffic on premise, down 4.5%. Traffic trends much worse than the -1.4% for all of 2013 or even 2.3% drop in 4th qtr. “The deterioration is almost certainly due to the harsh weather conditions” in much of US.

Total Industry Jan Shipments Up 8% to Calif and 10% to Fla

Ordinarily, we wouldn’t report first mo shipments by state, because there can be big swings, but Beer Inst’s state-by-state Jan report so fits with what we’ve heard so far that we feature quick highlights: Calif and Fla are carrying the country in early 2014. And then some. Calif shipments jumped 143,000 bbls, 8.4% in Jan and Fla shipments jumped 105,000 bbls, 9.9%. Together these 2 states grew nearly 250,000 bbls, while total US state shipments up 161,000 bbls, 1.1%.