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2015 Beer Industry Update

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Get the data you need to track the fast-changing beer biz in the 2015 Beer Industry Update.


Key 2014 figures – brewers, brands, segments, retail trends and more – will be available March 6, 2015. Straightforward data tables, expert analysis from beer marketer’s INSIGHTS and 4-color graphs and maps make the data come alive.

Update is the most reliable compendium of beer data and analysis available, published by beer marketer’s INSIGHTS, the leading source of info on the US beer industry. Update buyers can receive a CD-ROM with tables, text and color charts just days after major suppliers report their figures and other year-end data wraps up. That’s March 6. When all of the 2014 data becomes available ‒ by June 1 ‒ we’ll complete the publication for you in the same format. We’ll also publish a print edition of Update for those who prefer that format.

Here's the data you'll receive March 6, 2015:

  • 2014 Industry Overview, with figures and analysis of industry totals, suppliers and major brands.
  • Key Brand and Segment Data 2010-2014
  • **New This Year** A review of the fast-growing cider business
  • Detailed Brewer, Brand and Price Trends in Key Retail Chaannels, plus new on-premise data
  • Import Trends 2010-2014
  • Industry Shipments 2004-2014
  • Major Brewers' Shipments 2004-2014
  • Major Brewers' Shipments By Quarter 2012-2014
  • Quarterly Depletions Trends 2010-2014 (AB and MC)
  • Shipments by Top Craft Brewers, 2010-2014
  • Beer Price Indexes
  • Leading Brands in Key Metro Markets
  • US Import-Export Data
  • Absolute Alcohol Consumption Trends
  • Drinking Trends in the US, from Gallup Poll

Available June 1, 2015:

(All fo the above, plus)

  • Major Brewers' Shipments and Share, by Region and in 42 States 2010-2014;
  • Brewer/Importer Profiles;
  • Per Capita Beer Consumption by State;
  • Draft & Package Share by State;
  • Major International Brewers 2010-2014;
  • And much more!


Update's got all the key facts and figures you need to plan strategy and protect your investment in the fast-changing beer industry. It's the best single-volume source of information about the U.S. beer industry on the market. Shipments data, brewer data, brand data, prices, demographics: Update's got it all. In over 300 pages jam-packed with information, tables, graphs and analysis the 2015 Update will provide a complete picture of the US brewing industry. And with our flexible edition options, you can get the information you want more quickly than ever before, in a format you choose.

Here are your options:

1. 2015 Beer Industry Update, CD-ROM Edition: We'll provide all of the data and analysis in Microsoft Excel and Word files on a CD-ROM, complete with color graphics. We'll send the disk immediately. This format gives you the data you need in the most timely manner, so you can create custom analyses. $1145.

2. 2015 Beer Industry Update, Print Edition: We'll send out a print editionimmediately. $1045.

3. 2015 Beer Industry Update, CD ROM + Print Edition: We'll provide all of the data and analysis in Microsoft Excel and Word files on a CD-ROM, complete with color graphics. We'll send the disk and the book immediately. $1,245

Remember, Beer Industry Update isn't just the key numbers. Readers also benefit from the long experience of the book's editors. Update is written and edited by the staff of Beer Marketer's INSIGHTS, the leading trade publisher for the US brewing industry. INSIGHTS' editors provide perspective to go along with the facts. 


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