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Import Shipments Catchin’ Up With Scans: Jumped 19% in Aug, +3.6% Yr-to-Date; Mexican Surge

That’s more like it.  Import shipments gained 532K bbls, 19.4% in Aug, reports Beer Inst economist Michael Uhrich based on Commerce Dept data.  Mexican shipments really got in gear:  up 511K bbls, 31% on their own.  Dutch shipments up very modestly in Aug, German shipments rocked.  For 8 mos, imports now showin’ 842K-bbl, 3.6% gain, with almost all of that comin’ in Jul-Aug.  That’s closer to 6% YTD import gains reported in scans.  Mexican shipments up 881K bbls, 5.7% for 8 mos, closing gap with reported Constellation numbers.  But that still means import shipments collectively down from the rest of the world.  Dutch shipments sluggish; off 26K bbls, 0.8% for 8 mos.  But Belgian and UK shipments each off 20% or more, Canadian and Irish shipments down 3-4%.  German shipments still screamin’ with apparent shift of Stella Artois through its ports: up 317K bbls, 65%.  Italian shipments up modest 16K bbls, but that’s +14%.  Import gain back to offsetting more of domestic drop.  US shipments total -1.9 mil bbls, -1.3% Jan-Aug.

INSIGHTS Express, Vol 19, No 188; October 11, 2017


Firming Craft and FMB #s Continue in Nielsen Scan Data; $$ Trend and Share Pick Up Steam 

Craft $$ up 6% for 4 weeks thru Sep 16 as segment picked up 0.5 share of $$, compared to 0.4 share gain YTD.  And FMB $$ up 2% and gained 0.1 share of $$. FMB $$ sales still down 0.6% YTD and lost 0.1 share.  In last 4 weeks, craft and FMBs gained 0.6 share, while imports gained 1.1 share.  That’s considerably better than YTD, when craft and FMBs gained 0.3, while imports up 1.2.  Is high end shifting again?

INSIGHTS Express, Vol 19, No 181; September 26, 2017